Retaining Walls Can Completely Transform Your Landscape

Crete Concrete Construction LLC is a family-owned and locally-operated concrete construction company that has been in business since 1947. Throughout the years we have been operating, we have been setting the standard for quality services and have managed to remain a local leader in the highly competitive industry of Haskell, NJ. Aside from general concrete construction, we also specialize in building retaining walls. Read more about that service below.


Why You Need Retaining Walls

Poured concrete walls provide the homeowner and business clients with the necessary strength, water and fire resistance, design flexibility, and ease of maintenance that other kinds of materials cannot provide. We have decades of experience in wall placement. Using high-grade concrete mixes, we have the ability to build walls that are solid, unique in design, free of voids, and accurate to your specifications. The retaining walls we are famous for building, are a great way to section your yard, increase your privacy, and beautify your landscape. If you have a sloped terrain, opting for a terraced retaining wall design is the perfect solution. We will make that solution work for you at a fair rate! You divide your yard or garden into sections and add more allure to the overall design. Custom walls like that are all your property is missing.


Why Choose Us

If you leave our over 60 years of experience aside, you can choose us for our formidable reputation, spotless track record, eagerness to incorporate innovations, and passion for the trade. We are proud of the lasting relationships we continue to establish with clients all around Haskell, NJ and the surrounding regions and are confident we will manage to meet your expectations just as we have met theirs.


To learn more about us, our services, availability, and rates, be sure to contact Crete Concrete Construction LLC’s team and discuss your need with us. You can reach us by calling (201) 445-3500.

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